Meet the Pro’s

Rugby League (AFL)

AFL Round 21: Western Bulldogs v Adelaide
Matthew Boyd
AFL player for the Western Bulldogs

“Being able to train hard is one thing.  But putting the best fuel in your body so you can train with intensity and recover efficiently is the key.  CherryActive and BeetActive are the ultimate natural supplements that allow me to get the most out of my body daily and allow me to perform in one of the most demanding sports on the planet”

Rugby League (NRL)


Clinton Schifcofske
Retired NRL & Super 15 player now Sports Manager

“Myself and my family take CherryActive. Since taking CherryActive, I’ve noticed my quality of sleep has greatened and physically my body seems to recover quicker after training to stay fit post retirement.
Plus my kids love the taste which is a bonus! Highly recommend it!!”



Vanessa Raw
GB Pro Triathlete

“I love to use CherryActive during and after training for recovery. I can take the shot packs on a ride, add to my drink or pour on top of porridge. Also a shot before bed, helps me sleep deeper at night. Using it before a race ensures I race in tiptop condition minimising any aches or pains.”


Natalie Barnard
Ironman – Pro Athlete

“CherryActive has helped my training and race performance improve significantly. The shot packs are excellent for when I train and race abroad, allowing me to have optimal recovery and the nutrients needed for top level performance”



Emma-Kate Lidbury
Professional Triathlete

“CherryActive is an important part of my daily nutrition. I find it helps reduce muscle soreness, especially after intense sessions, and speeds up recovery – which ultimately means I can train harder and faster and perform better. When at home I love mixing the concentrate with water or in smoothies and while away training or racing I find the shot packs and capsules provide me with a convenient and hassle-free antioxidant hit.”



Rick Kiddle
Triathlon Coach and Former British Triathlon Champion

“CherryActive ticks ALL the boxes and gives me peace of mind that I am doing everything to maintain and improve my health. The spinoffs are that I not only feel better but can get out there and train with my clients.”




Graham Gristwood
GB Orienteering Champion

“Training twice a day, everyday, is hard on the body and immune system. Therefore it is important to recover quickly and stay healthy. CherryActive provides a range of powerful antioxidants to help an athlete achieve these goals.”


Steve Vernon
International Cross Country Runner

“As a distance runner my training includes logging up to 100 miles per week. CherryActive Concentrate is now a vital part of my nutritional strategy to make sure I get the most out of those 100 miles!”


Mark Allison (AKA Run Geordie Run)
Ultra Distance Runner

“CherryActive made a monumental difference to the run* It’s a fantastic recovery product and using it on a daily basis in the USA meant that the aches and pains in my legs were kept to an absolute minimum.”

*(Mark’s epic 3,100 mile run across the USA in 100 days!!)



Huw Davies
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, London Wasps

“CherryActive provided crucial support to our athletes during the pre-season overload period. By enhancing recovery rates and immune function we believe these products helped our athletes to make further strength and power gains. The Concentrate, Capsules and Cherries are now an integral part of our training regime.”

Combat Sports



John Gill, 
Motivational Speaker and 11 Times World Self Defence Champion

“Since taking CherryActive I have been sleeping better and feeling energetic throughout the day. I highly recommend CherryActive.”

Fitness and Sport



Paul Todd, 
Lifetime Natural Bodybuilder

“Healthy, natural muscle growth can be optimised with a well-designed training programme and a rapid-recovery plan. CherryActive has a well-earned place as one of my top supplements.”


Sergeant Sam Sheriff,
Royal Marine 45 Commando

“CherryActive products helped me immensely throughout the course of this challenge (3000m rope climbing world record). The products helped me recover faster with less muscle soreness, allowing me to train at a higher intensity consistently. I wouldn’t have been able to perform at this level without CherryActive.”

Health Industry


Patrick Holdford,
Founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition

“An antioxidant-rich diet is one of the secrets to growing older in great health. CherryActive contains antioxidants in abundance and I recommend it to clients and practitioners alike.”


Dr Martin Keogh MSc (NZ), BSc Hons (UK), BSc (UK) PGCE (UK), MBOA, MAOA, MOCNZ
Musclo-skeletal Specialist, Ex-National Silver Medalist Triathlete and Rower

“CherryActive was helpful in my recovery and rehabilitation programme following spinal surgery.  I am continuing to use it for recovery from physical training and I have recommended it in my professional capacity.”


Janey Lee Grace,
Author & Presenter

“I love CherryActive as its 100% natural and full of powerful antioxidants. I recommend it to improve sleep and also to ease joint pain from arthritis and gout.”


Christine Bailey MSc PGCE MBANT
Nutritional Therapist, Chef and Food and Health Trainer

“I rave about CherryActive! My sports clients – mostly runners – include it in their food programme when preparing for races.”


Dr. Jason Ellis
Northumbria University – Director of Sleep Research

“If your body isn’t producing enough melatonin naturally, the best way to get a really condensed amount into your body – to boost your sleep cycle – is to take a supplement containing Montmorency cherries, which contain melatonin in abundance.”