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Active Edge is the leading provider of Tart Cherry, Blueberry, Beetroot and Pomegranate Concentrates in the UK. All 100% natural with no added preservatives, flavours, colours or sweeteners, purely fruit and vegetables!

CherryActive Tart cherry products are chosen by health-conscious and active consumers, serious about maintaining good health and optimising their fitness training.

Our customers use CherryActive Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice and Capsules to help keep themselves at the top of their game, and include international professional rugby players and sports professionals.

CherryActive Australia is the Australian distributor of the CherryActive(tm) product, 100% Pure Tart Cherry Juice produced in the USA.

About Active Edge

  • In 2005 John Carey founded CherryActive by Active Edge after discovering that Montmorency Tart cherries were a natural remedy for his gout pain.
  • CherryActive, with over 1,000 retailers, is now the largest supplier of Montmorency Cherry concentrate and capsules in the UK.
  • For over 5-years we’ve supplied tens of thousands of customers with our products.
  • Our cherries are grown on specialist farms in North America.
  • Our gentle harvesting techniques avoid harsh heat treatments and damaging preservatives to protect our fruit’s antioxidants. We add no sugar, sweeteners, flavourings or colourings.
  • CherryActive is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and is gluten free.
  • CherryActive Concentrate won the Best Supplement Award at the Natural Lifestyle Awards 2009. CherryActive Capsules won the Best Product Award at the Natural Trade Show 2007.
  • Take products regularly to reduce exercise-induced soreness and promote rapid recovery.
  • Increased antioxidant intake also helps to reduce damage from oxidative stress (free radical damage).
  • Products made from Montmorency cherries, a natural source of melatonin – well documented to help improve sleep quality.
  • Taken by the elite of GB Sport, including football, rugby, tennis and athletics professionals and thousands of keen amateurs.
  • Improved recovery, less soreness and improved sleep can help improve quality of training and help take your sports performance to the next level.
  • 100% Natural – All of our products are 100% natural we do not use any artificial flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives.
  • High quality – We go the extra mile to ensure our products are of the highest possible quality.
  • Functional – All of our products have functional benefits to our customers. We pride ourselves on offering a range of products we know help people with a number of conditions.
  • Research backed known benefits – Active Edge products provide known benefits which are backed by scientific research. This is the foundation our commitment to quality and commitment to providing our customers beneficial products across the board.
  • Partnering with specialist growers – This is part of our commitment to ensuring we produce the highest quality products possible. By partnering with specialist growers we know the people we work with care as much as us about the end product.
  • The Extra Mile – “At the heart of our brand is a commitment to providing the highest quality products we can. We call it the extra mile. It starts with a specifically chosen variety of fruit or vegetable, which has an exceptional nutritional and taste profile. We only partner with the most experienced, specialist farmers, meaning that not only is our raw product lovingly grown but we can manage the moment of harvest, with the fruit being picked in its prime, packed full of nutrients and flavour. The fruit or vegetable are then pressed and concentrated, avoiding excessive heat to protect the goodness, before cold filling into bottles. The result of this process is a 100% concentrated juice with a superior nutrient content and flavour.The fruit in our capsules then undergo a special process to remove the sugars and moisture, creating a skin, rich in nutrients, with only four calories per serve. We use specific methods to dry the skins, to protect their goodness and then grind them into an ultra fine powder, making it easier for the body to absorb.
  • The Active Edge – “The Active Edge is the benefits our products give our customers. Each product in the Active Edge range has different and specific functional benefits.”

Recommended usage

Take 30ml CherryActive Concentrate within 20 minutes after finishing training session or workout. Dilute with 250-500ml water.
For additional recovery, take 2 CherryActive, 30 minutes before bedtime.

Proud to be 100% Australian Owned & Opperated

We are a registered business in Australia, ABN 25 138 616 571.

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