July 03, 2018

This makes a great pre-exercise meal,  as the BeetActive contains dietary nitrates which can give you a natural endurance boost. Big thank you to Lara Werrett (aka @mscroft1) who sent us this recipe.

Serves: Makes 1 bowl


1 Chopped frozen banana
Half medium a cooked beetroot
1 Scoop protein powder (plain or strawberry)
12 Frozen raspberries
30ml Active Edge BeetActive concentrate 
1/4 cup water or milk of your choice (almond, soya or skimmed)

Optional toppings: –

Sliced banana
Nuts and seeds


  1. Place banana, raspberries and protein powder in a blender and blend at high speed.
  2. The mixture will be very thick , keep stopping and pushing the mixture down until completely mixed.
  3. Add a little more milk if too thick. The mixture should be like a soft serve  ice cream
  4. Finally add in BeetActive and blend for 30 seconds to mix
  5. Serve in a bowl topped with sliced banana, raspberries and optional nuts and seeds.

Got your own Active Edge recipes? We would love to see them! Send them into us and if we feature them on our website we will send you some product as a thank you.